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2021: We did much more than just writing code

Last year was all about expanding, improving and nurturing, take a look back with us.

5. 1. 2022

Jozef Petro

Transformation to Product-building company

The biggest change in 2021 came as we transformed from a software house to an end-to-end product building company. A new department called Product Lab was created within Sudolabs, which now offers a whole new set of services such as product discovery, user research, UX & UI design, and complete product management consulting.

Our mission is to work with innovative companies, for which we can define and build truly user-oriented digital products on the edge of current technologies.

The constant growth

The annual growth of 115% of revenues, launching a rebranding campaign and working on impactful products. Rewards for those efforts came in form of becoming the 2nd fastest-growing tech company in Slovakia and 23rd in the Central Europe region according to Deloitte.

The fantastic in-house team has grown too, and we have welcomed 29 new amazing people that are now helping us deliver world-class products.

Products with impact

Through work on 13 projects, we impacted more than 3 million users all around the globe.

Let’s take a look at the ones we are most proud of.

The Expert

The first digital platform allowing high-end interior designers and clients to connect via online consultations was built completely from the scratch by us.

Working side by side with the founding team, Sudolabs was the only tech and design team. Our partnership did not end there and we continue with development to deliver a world-class experience and service to millions of users.

Most of the designers hosted on the platform are well-known and established, the real influencers in the world of interior design. Simply put, they are the bests of the best.

Hundreds of thousands of users joined in the first 4 months after launch bringing millions of dollars in revenue. The expert raised 3 million dollars in seed funding and the next updates are coming soon.

Read more about them in various prestigious digital media, such as The New York Times, Forbes, or The Wall Street journal.


As the pandemic hit the world we worked on a project facing the issue.

ModMD is a Covid testing logistics platform supporting 10s of thousands of tests every month for one of the most progressive testing clinics in Los Angeles. The results are distributed to customers in less than 24 hours via a mobile app.

The main goal of connecting customers through the ModMD logistics platform to multiple testing laboratories across the US was made possible in no time.

We built the platform from scratch optimized for scale, security, and HIPAA compliance. Optimizing the testing workflow E2E, integrating laboratories across the US, distributing results to patients and employers instantly.

Sharing knowledge via workshops and events

Sharing the knowledge was the uppermost priority. As helping others to learn and thrive is one of our crucial values, our mentors delivered 50+ hours of workshops for local and world-renowned accelerator programs like TechNation (London) or PlugAndPlay (Silicon Valley). Founders were given important insights into product building and technical delivery.

The local community wasn't overlooked either. Product and Tech talks supported our goal of giving something back - our expertise and hands-on experiences with the real problems and solutions to them. Due to the pandemic situation, we haven't managed to deliver as many talks as we planned, but we hope 2022 will enable us to achieve our goals in building a local community.

In 2021 we also launched our spin-off Sudo Academy - the first comprehensive educational program for Product Managers in Slovakia and one of a few in central Europe.

Fun and Community

As mentioned above, not only the exceptional work was done, our team embraced a modern company culture in numerous ways. A four-day-long retreat in Jasná and workation in Portugal show this very mindset to the fullest. You can learn more about those in our other blogs.

We continue to create a working environment with a focus on growth and knowledge sharing that will satisfy every ambitious and enthusiastic professional. We increased our paid learning days to 20, frequently held internal tech talks, and organized an internal hackathon.

The year 2021 was a hell of a ride. And the question is: What will bring the next one?


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