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If you’ve ever thought about returning back to Slovakia, but had doubts about finding a truly product-oriented company to join here, then we've got goods news for you - is exactly what you've been looking for!

Based in Košice, we create innovative digital products for clients around the world, and we are ready to support your #home-coming.

Startup mindset

A vibrant culture is at the core of who we are. A group of diverse, creative, and youthful innovators who love to build impactful and engaging digital products. Oh, and we love to have fun too!

  • No corporate nightmares

  • Can-do attitude

  • Flexibility and trust

  • Super flat hierarchies

Product orientation

Sudolabs is defined by its vibrant company culture. We are diverse, flexible and creative young professionals who love to build great digital products ... and love to have fun!

  • Building US & UK startups

  • Part of global accelerators

  • Founded Product academy

  • Organizing local events

Relocation support

Count on us for a seamless homecoming. Working remotely at first is an option, unlimited flexibility, welcoming colleagues eager to explore the city with you, kindergarten & schools recommendations, and much more!

  • 1.000€ direct support

  • Legal & TAX advisory

  • Real-estate search bot

  • Sudolabs relocation buddy

“ Relocated back to Košice after 11 years abroad I can understand your fears & needs very well and I am here to support you as much as I can ”

Meet our
Chief of ProductJan Koscelansky

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Our life at Sudolabs

How do you feel about the fusion of vacation and remote work? Experience the next workation with us!
You will never pass a dull moment in our office. Don't be surprised if Michal pulls you into making a video or some photoshoot.
There is always a reason to celebrate, and this time we had a worthy reason for doing so. We moved into a new, much cooler space. And it's a lot more hip!
It’s not only at work that we put our teamwork to the test. As the saying goes - work hard, play harder!

Join our group of enthusiastic productbuilders

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