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Sudolabs was founded with a clear goal: to deliver high-quality products using modern technologies.



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High engineering standards and quality of the final product are the two most important things when delivering software products. We expect all of you to get on board with these principles and help us maintain and improve them as we scale and move forward.



We’ll never make office hours and presence mandatory. We want to retain the flexibility of working from home and remotely and let you decide when it may be beneficial to come to visit and work together at our office.



We’re always taking and expecting the maximum level of responsibility. We’re doing all we can to keep and improve a healthy working and learning environment. On the other hand, we’re counting on you to do 100% towards delivering what was planned and in quality matching company standards.


Team spirit

We want everyone to move towards the same goal, contribute to company growth, and put extra effort into everything we do as a team. We are fully committed to moving the company forward, and we need you to do your share to make it work.


Personal growth

We’re cultivating an environment for self-improvement and career growth by making the path and skill requirements clear and transparent. We’re providing essential support, such as mentoring, working hours dedicated to learning, courses, books and any other learning materials. On the other hand, we’re expecting you to invest a bit of free time and develop the necessary skills to advance your expertise.


Knowledge sharing

We’re expecting everyone to be open-minded, share feedback, and spread knowledge among team members. We also support all the initiatives related to knowledge sharing, such as publishing, contributing to the knowledge base, organizing discussions and events.

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