Major European insurance group

Location intelligence platform improving risk assessment.

1 million

from idea to MVP

700 +

engineers benefited from automation

+ 20%

time saved by underwriting agents

Insurance companies require innovative solutions to enhance risk prediction capabilities and ensure precise and efficient evaluations. Sudolabs approached this need by developing a cutting-edge digital product to revolutionize the process.


The main challenge was finding a more effective and precise way to assess risks and analyze hazard exposures for insured properties. The existing methods were time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies, affecting insurance policy reliability. This inefficiency underscored the need for a comprehensive solution to handle large amounts of geospatial data with greater precision and automation.

Our Approach

Sudolabs tackled this challenge with a commitment to innovation and excellence. Our team developed a custom-built digital product to process, cluster, and enrich geospatial data. We automated the entire risk prediction and hazard exposure analysis process by leveraging advanced technologies and data science techniques.

The solution involved:

Custom-Built Digital Product

A sophisticated platform that handles intricate processing and analysis of geospatial data.

Data Clustering and Enrichment

The system clusters similar data points and enriches them with additional information, ensuring a more comprehensive risk assessment.


Integrating automation tools significantly reduced manual efforts, enhancing the accuracy and speed of risk assessments.


The solution was successfully rolled out in over 15 countries, demonstrating its scalability and adaptability to various geographical regions. As a result, over 700 risk engineers benefited from automation, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks and decision-making processes. Additionally, the system supports over 1 million insurance policies, providing precise and reliable risk assessments.