IntroducingThe Offseason

Connecting K-12 student-athletes with college athletes for position-specific training

3 weeks

product discovery
& design phase

9 weeks

from idea to MVP

3 days

till the first bookings occurred


of constrained budget


Fresno / California


Product discovery

UX/UI design

Product management



The offseason - Hero

For David Lopez, CEO, and Kevin Richards, Co-founder, turning a product idea into reality required the right team. They had the vision but needed a CTO to bring it to life.

So, David embarked on a 30-day Airbnb adventure in San Francisco during Techcrunch week to network and find the right partner. At an exclusive networking event, he crossed paths with Sudolabs.

They approached us with a multifaceted goal not only to automate their existing manual processes but also to revamp the overall visual and brand experience. With a working proof of concept and an established customer base, they aim to expand their reach in Fresno and other states, streamline operations, and achieve a polished product look.

“Thanks to our collaboration with Sudolabs, we were able to go after and sign large national partners.
Sudolabs gave our platform the credibility and technology to scale across the U.S.
The MVP they built for us allowed our startup to go from a local pilot program to a national rollout.”
David Lopez
Founder, The Offseason

The challenge

01Automation of processes
  • The client had manual processes, such as athlete registration and contract creation, slowing down their operations.
  • Athlete registration required filling out forms, which were then sent to Wix administration. The administrator then manually created profiles based on the submitted information.
  • Contract processing involved manual steps on a third-party service, Honeybook, causing inefficiencies.
The offseason - Automation
02Visual and brand enhancement

  • The client aspired to give their product a new look and feel.
  • We identified the necessity for clear and detailed brand guidelines to enable videographers and multimedia professionals to maintain brand consistency across all forms of media.
The offseason - Brand Identity
03Product improvement and scaling

  • Despite having a validated product with a real customer base and target audience, the client recognized the need for continuous improvement.
The Offseason - Improvements

Our product approach

We had a very tight deadline and a constrained budget for the release of MVP 2.0. The client had a fully functional MVP 1.0 built with WiX, but there were a lot of manual operations needed, what more this product didn’t have a visual identity. Our main goal in the first 3 weeks was to define the scope of the MVP 2.0. and design a visual identity including the user interface. After defining the scope and design, we prioritized the main features to be developed within 9 weeks.

What we've developed in 9 weeks
  •  Improved web application with automated features, including a redesigned landing page
  • Complete profile management for athletes including a fully automatic onboarding process and availability settings
  • Fully automatic payout system for athletes who passed training sessions
  • Fully automatic booking system for customers with access to their accounts
  • Fully automatic refund system for the customers in case of booking cancellation
  • Content & Data management for administration purposes of the client including essential metrics overview
The offseason - Features

Our tech

01 Product improvement and scaling
  • Utilized a proven tech stack featuring TypeScript, Next.js, GraphQL, and Postgres, deployed on
  • Automatically generated typings and schema with our code-first approach
  • Fast and flexible content prototyping with Storyblok empowered the client to modify data as needed, while also having resilience against frequent structural changes in the MVP
  • Admin interface built in Retool for efficient management of booking data
  • Demonstrated expertise in integrating third-party services such as Stripe, Sendgrid and Twilio, enhancing both development speed and product user experience.
02 Frontend development
  • We developed the front end using the ShadCN framework, collaborating with Tailwind and Figma to achieve a modern and user-friendly interface.
  • We utilized Locofy to generate Tailwind styles for our components effectively


The offseason - Video, Review

By addressing the client's dual objectives of process automation and brand revitalization, our collaboration with The Offseason aims to propel their growth, enhance user experience, and contribute to their vision of becoming a leading player in the sports training industry.

With a solid foundation and innovative technology implementation, The Offseason is poised for success on its journey toward expansion and improved product offerings. It envisions reaching 200 out of 300 schools and campuses with sports activities in the US, with the potential for significant growth akin to platforms like Airbnb.

What's next?

The client expanded to the next 3 states in the U.S. - Nevada, Wyoming, and San Diego and they are still expanding. He said, “Everyone loves what we do!”

Right now, we are developing a Messaging Feature, which will enable direct online communication between customers and athletes. This feature provides clients with the opportunity to expand to additional states in the U.S.

The offseason - Messaging




Next.js (React.js)

Tailwind CSS


Apollo GraphQL Client




GraphQL Yoga


Storyblok CMS