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9. 7. 2024

6 min read

Summer 2024 Update: Major Milestones Achieved!

Welcome, dear readers! As the summer season unfolds, we are excited to share some wonderful news and achievements from Sudolabs for the first half of 2024.

Jozef Maruscak

Client Milestones

Our clients have achieved numerous milestones, and we've decided to shine a light on a few standout moments. Let's start by highlighting two MVPs we've rolled out in 2024.

First up is our partnership with Jaleigh Friend, founder of The Friend Club. In just 16 weeks, the Sudolabs team built a platform connecting creators, consumers, and brands across lifestyle categories from wedding photographers and florists to bakers and more. This user-friendly platform offers curated content and connections that can't be found on Pinterest or Instagram, and it attracted over 3.5k users within days of its launch.

Co-founders David Lopez and Kevin Richards of The Offseason, a platform connecting K-12 student-athletes with college athletes for position-specific training, partnered with us to revamp the platform's visual and brand experience and automate their manual processes. After a 3-week product discovery and design phase, followed by 9 weeks of MVP development, The Offseason 2.0 was launched. With a solid foundation and innovative technology implementation, The Offseason envisions reaching 200 out of 300 schools and campuses with sports activities in the US.

In October 2023, the Living Plate Rx team, led by Jeanne Petrucci, MS, RDN, sought our expertise to enhance their platform's user experience and engagement. We redesigned the platform focusing on enhanced navigation, layout, and seamless integration. After a 5-month development phase, the enhanced platform is live, and ranking among the top 5 meal planners.

We're also thrilled to celebrate over 3 incredible years of partnership with The Expert, a Californian startup. Back in 2020, an innovative idea from founders Jake and Leo sparked our journey—a video consultation platform that connects top interior designers with clients around the world. Within a few months, we launched an MVP, and with a significant $15 million in funding, we helped The Expert expand into e-commerce with "The Showroom." Additionally, we integrated AI services to automate image captioning, reducing manual effort by 75%.

Last, but not least, our London-based client, EzTenda, has made exciting strides by expanding into Australia and Spain. To support this growth, we crafted unique app versions tailored to each country's specific needs, complete with localized account management to boost usability and engagement. The new system's ability to process transactions in local currencies not only simplifies financial interactions but also enhances accessibility for users. Sudolabs is thrilled to be an integral part of EzTenda's journey as they revolutionize the drinks business across continents.

Sudolabs & AI Landscape

Throughout 2024, we put a lot of effort into AI, adding to what we've been working on for a while. A number of clients have been successfully steered into different AI domains. At the same time, we've grown our AI team and refined our services to focus on our core strengths. Our team now works in three specific AI areas:

  1. LLMs and Generative AI

  2. Traditional Machine Learning and Big Data

  3. Specialty AI domains (e.g.: Computer vision, NLP)

This year, we kicked off two flagship Enterprise AI projects. One of them is with a global, US-based, multi-billion dollar steel manufacturer, where we are helping optimize their manufacturing process using our ML expertise.

Another flagship project we recently launched is with a leading financial institution in Europe. Our team designed and built a GenAI tool with a conversational interface, starting as a PoC project and scaling into a fully-fledged product.

Our team has gained a lot of experience not just in Financial Institutions and Manufacturing and Industrial Goods, but also in Healthcare, Consumer and Entertainment, Business Services and Marketing Agencies, Business Process Outsourcing, and with Investors.

Toasting to Growth and Recognition

In June, we had the privilege of attending the second annual Slovak Regional Innovation Awards ceremony, proudly represented by our CPO & Partner Jan Koscelansky. Competing against exceptional nominees from the fields of innovation, science, startups, and business, all striving to advance our region, we were thrilled to win the first prize in this Innovation Awards! We are truly honored by this recognition and are committed to continuing our innovation journey.

Our growth extends beyond accolades. Over the past six months, we have also welcomed a remarkable new board member, Jan Kokavec, our Head of Enterprise.

Before joining Sudolabs, Jano dedicated nearly eight years to Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he successfully led over 60 engagements across various sectors, including infrastructure, industrial goods, technology, software, and healthcare. His work has impacted companies valued at over $40 billion with more than 150,000 employees worldwide. Jano’s impressive background and insights will undoubtedly contribute to our continued growth and success.

The Startup Huddle podcast by Jozef Maruscak

Regular monthly episodes continued to bring exceptional content this year! We were delighted to welcome six fascinating guests who shared their expertise on different compelling topics.

Adam Coffey enlightened us on scaling tech companies, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing profitability and navigating the complexities of business exits. Stephanie Rieben provided insights into securing funding for startups, leveraging the power of strategic partnerships, and effectively engaging with venture capitalists and lenders. Tatyana Mamut explored the ethical implications and existential risks associated with AI, offering a thought-provoking perspective on the subject. Additionally, we celebrated a significant milestone at the beginning of the year, surpassing 1,000 downloads (not a big deal but we’re still very proud)!

Igniting Connections and Innovation

This year, we expanded our footprint towards the East Coast, hosting and sponsoring a total of eight events. Our journey included active participation in Utah and NY Tech Week, as well as SXSW. Partnering with ffVC, Sparring, ForeCastr, Rocket Mixer, Codi, and others, we brought you top-tier networking events under the Founders Collective umbrella. A standout moment was our fireside chat with Alex Katz, General Counsel at ff Venture Capital, who has three decades of experience with seed, early-stage, and growth companies.

Our adventures didn't stop there. Our CEO, Jozef Petro, along with our Head of Enterprise, Jan, and Head of Growth, Martin, embarked on an exciting GCC roadshow. They explored seven vibrant cities: Muscat, Doha, Kuwait City, Abu Dhabi, Manama, Dubai, and Riyadh. We proudly showcased our presence at the Dubai Fintech Summit and sponsored the 7th Middle East Enterprise AI & Analytics Summit.

Summer Reading You'll Love

With more than 60 products out the door, we've picked up a lot of knowledge and we love sharing what we know with you. This year, our blog section has been thriving, with over 15 new articles published on our website. Here are some of the articles we believe offer the most value to founders:

  1. 7 Communication Fears Founders Have

  2. How We Deliver Results Within Budget

  3. Startup Scaling: From MVP to E-commerce

Even last year's articles are still super relevant and full of great insights. Check them out too—they're packed with practical tips and useful info.

Seeking New Partnerships

As Sudolabs grows, we understand the importance of strong partnerships. We're keen to connect with potential clients and partners who align with our goals. Your support and referrals are greatly appreciated, and we're here to assist you whenever needed.

We're excited about the future and look forward to progressing together.

Until next time,

The Sudolabs Team


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