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Introducing Faros.

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Faros AI is the industry’s first AI-native engineering intelligence platform for the complete software development lifecycle, empowering leaders to automate the integration of engineering data for a single-pane view across quality, velocity, goals, and more. Faros AI is trusted by leading engineering organizations such as Box, Coursera, Salesforce, Firstbase, and more.

In 2019, Vitaly Gordon, a former VP of Data Science & Engineering in Salesforce, who had previously worked on their AI model called Einstein, co-founded Faros AI. The project originated from a realization that the Salesforce team, despite embracing data and AI, was not as data-driven as it could be.

Faros AI started as a command-line interface (CLI) tool. They brought in the Sudolabs team to build out the front end of the product.

Our team increased capacities and filled a crucial skills gap in Faros AI's development process which helped them take their product to new heights.

"Their flexibility as we continue to iterate is most impressive. This, combined with the expertise of everyone we’ve worked with and their ability to scale the team, has made Sudolabs an ideal partner for us."
Natalie Casey
SW engineer at Faros AI

The challenge

Analytics as the lighthouse of software engineering teams

As mentioned before, Vitaly and his team - Matthew Tovbin and Shubha Nabar, both Salesforce alums - are trying to address an issue many top-level executives face: companies hire more engineers, but they don't seem to get more work done. Why is this? Especially in an environment where it's so difficult to hire more engineers, why aren't we seeing results?

Their goal is to connect the modern tech stack, leveraging data from systems like Jira, Jenkins, and GitHub, abstract this data to a connected Faros schema, then surface intelligent and actionable insights to customers in custom dashboards.

  • Visibility from the backlog to production (and beyond!)
  • 100+ metrics and industry benchmarks
  • Configurable and customizable APIs

Faros AI has its own team of engineers covering the backend part of the product. They wanted to remain focused on the underlying systems and business intelligence while still making progress on a user-friendly front-end. That’s how we teamed up.

Our approach

Teaming up with FAROS AI engineers

Sudolabs’s and Faros’s teams work together like two peas in a pod - tight, professional, and effective. The client brings a crew of brilliant back-end engineers and product owners to the table. We complement this well by providing front-end expertise and our own brilliant engineers.

We share with Faros's engineering teams the same "Minimum Viable Product"  driven approach to development. This allows us to deliver new features at lightning speed, test them quickly with end-users, and iterate based on the valuable feedback. It’s very efficient in terms of resources and time needed to deliver value to its customers.

Since the start of our collaboration, we've experimented with different project setups, but found the most efficient workflow for both teams: Faros's product owners prioritize the project backlog, answer our questions, and we deliver features continuously without any limitations on sprint or time frames.

This grants our team the autonomy to implement solutions quickly and efficiently, without being hindered by time zones. Consequently, we can deliver features promptly, one of Faros's top priorities.

Unleashing Modern Design and Functionality for Faros AI Web Pages

At the start of our partnership with Faros AI, the Sudolabs team designed UI/UX prototypes and created their first complex product page.

Later, our focus shifted to implementing web pages while also assisting the marketing team in creating modern websites, blogs, promotions, and other marketing-related activities. However, we still work closely with Faros's designers to ensure high-quality results. Our team provides valuable feedback, creating visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized products.

The problem the team at Faros AI is trying to solve is quite complex, so it’s crucial to have an intuitive and functional UI.

Alastor - From MVP to a customer-driven full-scale project

Two years ago, Faros developed a powerful tool, but it was only available as a CLI (Command Line Interface) application, limiting its use to technically skilled individuals.

Our team built a front-end application to make the tool accessible to management-level individuals. Today, the Faros team still manages and enhances the backend services while we work on improving the app and exposing all the new features to customers. Because each team focuses on its expertise, the division of labor ensures faster development, better results, and saves resources.

Focus areas of Sudolabs’s engineering team:
  • Integrating with Metabase, the tool Faros uses for its charts and dashboards.
  • Providing a comprehensive user experience for organization and asset management. This includes the UI where users can manage their Teams, Employees, Repositories, Boards, and more.
  • Integrating with third-party libraries to expose data in various ways, such as in a GraphQL editor, or in custom-built widgets.
  • Facilitating how users import their data into Faros. This includes builders to help users integrate with Faros APIS as well as exposing underlying data pipelines that connect to external systems such as AWS, Jira, GitHub, and many others.
  • Enhancing how administrators can customize their Faros experience by setting favorites, managing workspaces, and more.

Tech stack














Our solution

The Sudolabs team, together with the Faros AI team, created a centralized system of record by connecting data from various relevant systems such as code repositories, ticket management, and project management software.

Here's a summary of how it works:
  • Connecting data from relevant systems such as code repositories, CI/CD, ticket management, and project management software into one centralized system of record.
  • Integrating and aligning data from these sources to trace changes from ideas to production and beyond.
  • Analyzing data using customized metrics that reflect the reality on the ground rather than relying on commonly used but not representative metrics such as lines of code or ticketing story points.
  • Customizing metrics to fit each organization's unique needs and environment.

Ours and client’s success

Faros AI landed $20 million in Series-A funding, led by one of the most successful VC investors David Hornik of Lobby Capital in June 2023, following the $16 million seed round that they raised in March 2022. SignalFire, Operator Collective and Salesforce Ventures also participated in the round along with several angels and tech luminaries. Global enterprises are using the Faros platform today including popular names such as Box, Coursera, Salesforce, and Firstbase to name a few.

Read more about FAROS AI on TechCrunch.

Our partnership with Faros AI continues to evolve, but we have already achieved remarkable milestones. At Sudolabs, we have crafted a visually stunning and responsive UI using React and Typescript, built complex products involving NextJS endpoints, integrated with Faros AI’s BI tool, solved issues around authentication and JWT tokens, seamlessly integrated with their auth provider, added support for on-prem deployments and so much more.

Overall, we're thrilled to work with such a dedicated and innovative team at Faros AI, and can't wait to tackle more exciting projects together in the future.