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Retreat: Mesmerising views & adrenaline with Sudolabs

It's been a year since the last company retreat, therefore it was about time to take off for another adventure with our fast-growing team!

28. 9. 2021

Michaela Zubarova

This year, we changed the scenery for another mesmerizing location within Slovakia - Demänovská Valley, which is also considered to be the most beautiful and the most visited part of the Low Tatras.

Since our team has doubled over the last year (for what we are extremely proud of!) and a number of our team members work mostly remotely, the idea was to incorporate activities that would allow us to get to know each other better and strengthen relationships within the company.

Once we arrived at the hotel, our team has split up into two groups: team go-karts & team wellness. You could have guessed that the team one was predominant, as most of our geeks enjoy fast rides and strong competition.

The first evening was kicked off by a Kahoot quiz, and trust us - we'd have never thought it can be so much fun! We laughed a lot by learning about others' engaging facts and simultaneously it was such a convo starter! Afterward, some of us participated in intense chess sessions, board games, or just simply enjoyed the company.

The following morning we had some extra energy left, hence the decision was to explore the surrounding area and go for a short hike. Despite gloomy weather, we experienced several charming views throughout the hike.

Later in the evening, the board of Sudolabs presented an all-hands presentation, where we looked ahead to the future and the vision & strategy were explained. Each lab covered their expertise and described what are they currently striving for, which was to a great extent insightful for both tech and non-tech members.

On Friday night we traveled in time by hosting a themed Peaky Blinders party, and it was a blast! Special thanks goes out to Michal Vanko, one of our devs, who took care of the best tunes and created an unforgettable atmosphere. Enjoy a couple of snaps from the party below!

The last day was fully dedicated to adrenaline in various forms - we tried paintball, adventurous mini-golf, archery, and the brave ones even went rafting. Although it was an exceptionally exhausting day, it made us collaborate in a special way that made an impact on relationships between the members of Sudolabs.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who participated in any way and made this retreat beyond special.


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