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14. 7. 2022

3 min read

Did we RETREAT to the ‘80s?

A three-day retreat, over 60 people, and plenty of memories - that is how I could briefly sum up our company retreat this year. As usual, we wanted a place close to nature therefore we headed to Hotel International in Veľká Lomnica.

Michaela Zubarova

Boys dressed in 80s style at a company retreat

A themed 80s party

In the blog post about last year's retreat, I mentioned that we had a "fast-growing" team, and I wasn't lying. Since the retreat in September, we've grown by an incredible number of 31 members (yeps, and we are still super proud of it!). In light of this, we have decided to kick off the event with an all-hands presentation by our CEO Jozef Petro. Jozef covered the vision & strategy, recalled our growth in the last months, and summarised the future plans for Sudolabs. A Q&A session followed the presentation, providing curious minds with valuable insights.

CEO of Sudolabs Jozef Petro presenting at a company retreat

The program was designed not to be overly busy so that everyone could actually take advantage of their days off and slow down. Thus, there was plenty of time for wellness, board games, or simply enjoying the surroundings.

Group of Sudoers playing The Settlers of Catana at the retreat

In the evening, the team members took part in a Kahoot quiz titled Get to Know Your Team Members. Numerous long-buried (non)awkward stories and facts were uncovered and it was a great way for us to get to bond on another level. Who would have thought how many of us wanted to become rappers when they were younger? (CC: Jan & Adam). Also, have you ever tried to dip your Oreo in water instead of milk? Apparently, some of us do.

People playing “Get to Know Your Team Members” Kahoot quiz

But what kind of retreat would it be without a themed party? This year we let people choose the theme, and the vote went to the 1980s. There were too many stunning outfits, and words can barely describe how much fun we had, so here are some snaps to set the mood!

Samo and Katka having fun at Sudolabs 80s party

Cool guys posing for pictures and sipping Coca-Cola

Richard, Ivan, Jozef and Jozi posing for a picture in 80s style clothes

For most of us, the next morning was quite challenging. Therefore we took it slowly. Our CMO Laura led a workshop on building your personal brand, with lots of discussions, and exercises, and hopefully, some new “influencers” will pop up on your LinkedIn soon. 😉 In parallel, our Chief Strategy Officer Jozef Maruščák conducted a workshop on effective argumentation. Having gained expertise from debating competitions, there was no doubt it's gonna be engaging.

Jozef Maruscak conducting a workshop about effective argumentation

The afternoon was filled with a variety of activities. Go-karts are a must-go experience on each retreat. Alongside go-karts, some of us also took part in laser games. Those who stayed at the hotel weren't bored either. Many of us participated in the Golf Academy and some even went on a treasure hunt. You can probably imagine how many of us failed along the way as it was our first time playing golf (for most of us).

Sudoers learning how to play golf

A beer and wine tasting rounded out the evening in a more relaxed manner. We've tried some local wines and learned about the history of the Tokaj Wine Region. Having learned more about Slovak wine, I believe we will now appreciate it even more. Following the session, we had some time to connect with one another and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Sudoers tasting local wines and learning about the history of Tokaj region

Sudoers tasting different kinds of beers at the company retreat

The following morning, we gathered for breakfast and said our final goodbyes. There's always a bittersweet feeling as we really do enjoy these company retreats and particularly the chance to meet face-to-face.

A thank you goes out to everyone who participated! The countdown to the next retreat has begun. 🚀


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